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Image Description: A black and white photo of Jiya, a South Asian femme-presenting person with glasses and a nose-ring, with long hair pulled to one side and over the shoulder on the left. They are wearing a winter coat and sweater underneath, and smiling. Behind them is a stone wall.

I am a scholar who works at the intersections of colonial and postcolonial Indian history, gender and sexuality studies, disability studies, transnational histories of race and caste, and 20th and 21st century global history.

I currently am completing my Ph.D. at Princeton University in the Department of History and Program in Gender & Sexuality Studies. My dissertation offers a conceptual history of “disability,” following the concept through archives of late colonial and postcolonial Indian welfare. The project showcases the centrality of disability and ableism to nation-building in India, its impact on hierarchies of belonging in the new nation-state, its intersections with caste, gender, and race, and its importance in the emergence of transnational aid regimes.

I aim for my research, writing, teaching, and service to reflect my commitment to praxis-driven academia, a commitment which can be imperfect but runs deep.

Please feel free to reach out to me through any of the avenues below about any shared interests, questions about graduate school, collaborative work or organizing, or writing, conference, or teaching engagements.

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