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I am deeply committed to praxis-driven scholarship, and believe that work I do outside the classroom and archive help inform and nourish the work I do inside those spaces (and vice versa). I believe that academic and historical work has contemporary political stakes and is most productive when grounded in and alongside the labor of community organizing. In focusing on social work, my dissertation encourages critical thinking about care work, and to what extent the preferences of those being cared for are being taken into consideration. I bring this critical commitment to care-work to broader spaces, academic and beyond.


Disability, racial, immigrant, and anti-caste justice are key threads in my advocacy. On Princeton's campus, I have organized workshops on accessible programming and worked one-on-one with many of my peers in vulnerable academic and medical situations. I have done these independently and in my roles as Equity and Inclusion Representative in the Graduate History Association and as an organizer with our union campaign, Princeton Graduate Students United (PGSU-UE). Off campus, I serve on the boards of the non-profits Asian Americans with Disabilities Initiative and the Disability History Association. I also worked for the Critical Design Lab at Vanderbilt University from 2022 to 2023 to create an archive which supports advocacy for disability accommodations. I am also involved in advocacy work as a part of the U.S. Gender and Disability Justice Alliance


I also care deeply about sexual health and safety. I currently serve on the Princeton Ad-Hoc Committee on Sexual Culture and Climate. I also was the inaugural campus graduate UMatter fellow, where I supported University Health Services programming on sexual and mental health and audited the UMatter website to be more inclusive of anti-racist and international student concerns. 


I have also fostered connections between various academic and non-academic collaborators invested in critical thinking and organizing around issues in South Asia and the diaspora. I co-founded the grad-undergrad South Asia Progressive Alliance which leads programming around issues of caste, class, and citizenship. I also organized with the Philadelphia South Asia Coalition.

In recognition of this work, I was awarded the Best of Access, Diversity, and Inclusion: Outstanding Advocacy Award by Princeton's Access, Diversity, and Inclusion Office in 2023. The award, as per the BADI website, "recognizes exemplary student leadership, initiative, dedication, and advocacy with a diversity, inclusion, and social justice focus."

Academic Service

Collaborative spaces have been essential sites for my own growth and learning during graduate school, and it has been a goal of mine to make sure critical collaborative spaces continue to thrive within and beyond the academy. I have served as Convenor of the following working groups on campus: the IHUM Disability Studies Working group, the South Asia Graduate Workshop, Gender and Sexuality Studies Graduate Reading Group, and Social Theory and Social Thought: Theorizing the Human. In 2021, I also received a grant with my advisor and peers entitled “Dissent” from the Chadha Centre on Global India that has funded a postdoc and international scholarly exchange.

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