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Publications and Presentations

Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Crip Life Amidst Debilitation: Medicalization, Survival, and the Bhopal Gas Leak.” In “Origins, Objects, and Orientations: Towards a Racial History of Disability,” edited by Sony Coráñez Bolton, Kelsey Henry, Leon Hilton, and Anna LaQuawn. Special issue, Disability Studies Quarterly, forthcoming (Fall 2023).

“Paranoid Breathing, Reparative Feeling, and Ambivalent Beginning, Or, I’m So Paranoid, I Think Your Covid Test Is About Me.” In “Crip Pandemic Life,” edited by Theodora Danylevich and Alyson Patsavas. Special issue, Lateral: Journal of the Cultural Studies Association 11 (Fall 2022).

Other Publications

“Making the Scientific Social, and the Social Scientific – A Review of Durba Mitra’s Indian Sex Life.” History of Anthropology Review 46 (2022).

“In Search of Community and Pedagogy: Compiling a Crip COVID-19 Syllabus.” Visualizing the Virus Digital Humanities Project, July 7, 2022:

Conference Presentations


"Re-reading Kinship and Refusal in Indian Leprosy Archives." To be presented at the National Women's Studies Association Conference (Baltimore).


“Prosthetics, Petitions, and Paisa: Reading Transnational Disability Management Through the UN IYDP.” Presented at Humboldt University's Unsettling Archives Conference (Berlin).


“Living Through History: Reproductive Disability in Archives of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy.” Presented at the Princeton-Humboldt Partnership’s Re-Mapping Memory: Possibilities of Postcolonial and Anti-Racist (Counter Archiving) Conference (virtual).


“Yielded Bodies: Cripping Medical Research on the 1984 Bhopal Gas Tragedy.” Presented at School of Oriental and African Studies and King’s College Criposium (virtual).


“Speaking Their Truths: College Policy-Making, Community Attitudes, and Sexual Harassment at Middlebury College (1983-1989).” Presented at Princeton Law Engaged Graduate Student Seminar (Princeton).

Podcast Episodes


“Queer Theories” with Alexis Ferguson and Kate Manlik, featured in the En-Gender Conversations Podcast by Jessica Albrecht and Leandro Wallace.


“Culture, Community, and Care” with Kim Fernandes, featured in the Disability Crosses Borders podcast by Aine Kelly-Costello.

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